What is BSCJackpot

About BSCJackpot

100/100 Audit Report
We value our investors and your money, so we worked extremely hard to create a 100% community smart contract that bring fully transparent and safe fairlaunch by the time liquidity added.

BNBJ is simple in surface, but a very complex and smart web3.0 contract which giving reward to diamond hands. We have thought of most of the mechanics most think we have breezed past, feel free to stop into our Telegram to discuss it with us.

Via daily rewarding BNB to diamond hand while doing buyback and burn. BNBJ’s predicted price will be $1 per BNBJ at the end of roadmap.

BNBJ will launch a series of platform and utilities along with the marketcap growth. Starting from NFT, swap tool and DeFi function. BuyBack & Burn, generating positive price action, and removing more tokens from circulating supply and rewards eligibility.

BSCJackpot Features

Why BSCJackpot

100/100 Tokensniffer Audited

Smart contract was designed such way that nobody in the world can edit the tax or max sell.

Experienced Developer & Team

Developer & team who are veterans in crypto.

Daily BNB Jackpot Giveaway

From 0.2 BNB daily into 5 BNB daily will be giveaway to the best holder.


2 Contract will be created by BNBJ, governance token which are renounced and utility contract for each DApps.

Massive Marketing

The best project need the best and massive marketing exposure.

Partnership and Crossholder

BSCJackpot will work and partnership with multiple influencer, artist and crypto project.

The Perfect


With a total of 100,000,000 (100 million) supply, BSCJ buy & sell slippage is set to 8%:

  • 3% goes to reflection
  • 3% goes to LP, Buyback and Burn
  • 2% goes to Marketing
100 Mil
Three steps to buy

How to Buy

To buy BSCJackpot, you must get your wallet & BNB ready. After the smart contract has been released, add the smart contract into your PancakeSwap & swap your BNB to BSCJ.


Get your Wallet ready

Download Trustswap/Metamask Wallet on your phone. It is available on both iOS and Android. You can also use any other app as long as it is compatible with PancakeSwap.


Get your BNB ready

Transfer BNB to your wallet. This can be done from Binance via the BNB network or you can also top up your Trust Wallet by going into your Smart Chain wallet and pressing buy in the right corner.



Enter PancakeSwap via DApps. Exchange BNB for BSCJ using the contract address above.

BSCJackpot's Vision